5 November 2006

shadows that a bright moon cast

There are thoughts, places in the mind, that I'm scared to go. But I can feel them as they walk through the shadows that a bright moon cast.

I'm sitting in my regular net-robbing cafe, with liquorish mint tea, on an antique faded green armchair. It's saturday, I have lime cake and I relax. Tonight I'll go to a tango-meal followed by what I've been told will be a big Milonga - dancing will end in the morning, the metro runs all night at the weekend. I don't know what to expect, probably good, life thrives in the spaces between expectations.

And tomorrow, I'll take a class in what I'll describe as a physical theatre for awareness with games of balance, trust and natural reaction. I was introduced to this last week and the echo's of "where are you?!" still revolve in my mind and the aches in my muscles have only recently resided. Some dark habits were rerevealed - one is to be lost in isolation, in hazy distance - known from Aikido but still lurking in the mood shadows.

I wonder where I am... does that imply knowledge of where one can be? or only that one can be?

Well, time to go back to my flat, shower and find the dinner.

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