17 November 2006

Holiday in Hamburg

A sunny day and I take the train to Hamburg, a surprise ferry ride over shining waves then packed back into our train. I step out of central station in the twilight night falling, blown into a modern pedestrian highway of brightly lit sopping centres. These giants stare down patiently and abstractly on the small dark clothed, light skinned crowd who bustle bellow. A handful of breakdancers hold out, hang out, jump and dace, glory in their little fort of couter-culture, a drop of real culture.

Wondering takes me to the river, a wide peaceful body of water on which swans patrol and ducks parade if a little nervously. "Selected Coffee and Selected Music" catches my eye, appealing my ear. They offer good, heart thundering coffee, sweets and pastries, and music to listen to, and bated by, to buy. I bite and part 3 hours later, tuned up and befriended the owners who love Scotland and Whisky, who fed me music and biscuits.

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