9 August 2008

Dangerously in Sydney

A collection of long flights, 40 hours from setting off I'm washing away jetlag, slowly, loosing moments here and there as I stare nowhere. Thoughts come in a sporadic trickle: I nearly died on my first road crossing, a mad speeding sports car jumped a red light and swished past honking cars and the shouts of nearly run over people. For my part, I quickly took a step back and walked on like nothing happened. The hotel is bland, but pleasant.

A little later, crossing roads again, I listen, amused by the sounds of an old computer game emitted from the man crossing road lights.

A Japanese on Dixon street, just outside China town and full of Asians– must be good I presume, turns out to be cheep and plentiful rather than tasty, but hits the stop and bangs a hold in the jet lag.

Now in espresso bar on Kind street, good coffee, chocolate, and luck would have it – free wifi. Only thing missing is water with coffee. Feeling a bit dried out, but friendly interactive australian temperament makes up for it. These people have a good sense of humanity, and the bar man appreciates that I run linux on my laptop.

Time to do some work.