10 November 2013

Pride and the greasy yummy snack

On the corner of 145th street, by the ACBD line, is a Caribbean food shop that sells, for $1, three of these snacks which I’ve only ever had in Madagascar before - an oily, sour and slightly sweet treat… a nostalgic taste. 
Today, from the other side of the US, I ponder pride, which has two such distinct meanings! It can be an rooted in admiration, or it can be rooted in insecurity and the need to protect one's ego. I find it a bit strange how the word has adopted these two, so different, meanings… except I see that the psychology blends smoothly and looks very similar from the outside as at times... I’m wondering, there must be a question that we can ask that divides the two meanings naturally… but I haven't found it yet. 

5 November 2013

Spending time looking at this beautiful new york skyline this evening.