17 October 2006

Napoleon's Imprisonment

Another one of those funny nights when I cannot sleep, so I'll tell you about my week. It has mostly been full of work, so I don't have too much to say, but there was still an amusing episode or two.

My landlord came by, he loves Napoleon. [sneezes] yeah, I seem to have become allergic to my flat, it started when I replaced the life size bust of Napoleon on the window sill with some fresh basil. He was relocated to my wheeley suitcase, hiding him from me and me from him... actually, let me show you...

He made me feel watched all the time, so one evening in a sudden burst of revolutionary energetic flat-domination, I moved stuff around, him especially.

[sneezes] ... so my landlord came by last weekend and he seems like a nice guy, I don't know why he came round, at first I thought the spirit of the hidden Napoleon called him to save the bust from imprisonment. But when I showed him what had become of his idol, my landlord, a smiley grey haired man laughed and told a story about when he had Napoleon standing on the top of the toilet cistern; how his friends couldn't go to the bathroom with old Napoleon sternly watching them. So tea was drunk and stories shared about this and that - his record collection, a small fragment of which still lives here - but eventually he gets up and says he'll be off, so I say bye and see him out, and still don't know why he came by, but it was nice nonetheless.

Other things that happened this week include bumping into an obelisk, learning why I should always floss, eating the most creative sandwich of the year 2004, meeting the red rhino of shoes, passing a kitsch bitch and seeing other guf. (Sorry for the picture-blurriness)

For the Tangeros, more news on Copenhagen Milongas: Saturday is a bigger night, a friendly crowd, mixed music, no tandas, no cortinas, eye contact works sometimes, dancers mix styles, ends at 2am, fairly central. The sunday Milonga is very nice, central, with tandas and cortinas that work so smoothly you wont notice, and the dancing goes until about about midnight.

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