4 October 2006

Cornflake tangos

11:45 pm, Tuesday night, I'm eating what seems to be an early prototype for corn-flakes. They are made of corn, flake-like, orange, and I've poured milk over them. But they are not quite the same as the cornflakes I know. I never loved cornflakes, but I do indulge in them sometimes.

Anyway, I'm just back from dancing tango - the Danish version of Edinburgh's la otra Milonga :-P but it is called Bailongo! Friendly dancer's enjoy a rather quiet Milonga (no more than 10 couples) on a large dance floor in a rather far away venue. It has a very relaxed atmosphere and getting dances by eye contact worked, although I did resort to asking a couple of times. There is a mix of ages, and experience from one year to many. There were also several of Copenhagen's tango teachers there. The balance of women to men is 50-50, and while I'm pondering their dance, it is mostly in an open embrase, but some were able to dance close as well. A final note on dancing here was that the Milonga finished at 11, in time for me to get home and get to bed for work.

I accidentally bought some milk-like gloop that I think must be a yogurt derivative. It has a cow on the front, but does not go well in tea. Still no batteries for Camera :( More cornflakes... my little orange bowl only fits a few at a time.

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