20 August 2011

Saturday in sunday's clothes, more tea

I'm starting to question blogs; why blog in the new age of G+ and Facebook? It's saturday, the sun shines after last nights storm, like nothing happened. I just spoke to Scott on the phone - he is stranded in Newark for the last 12 hours. Elizabeth is making a bag. We ate a brunch of Vietnamese Sandwiches and salad. The dog has recovered from his gastric excesses; the last of his lost poos, we think, have been cleaned up (the mysterious stench from under the bed is no more!). I do a little Quantomatic programming; and plan to have an amazing coffee and prepare the Soho hideout for the arrival of Aleks and Clare next week. Like have transitioned me; and while I still feel oft and on like a frustrated artist reduced to factory work; I'm also finally getting the hang of writing software with the conceptual sludge that is c++. And here's a picture I rather like, from a while ago, when I walked over the Manhattan bridge with Taina... And here's some cushions I saw in a shop of colourful french cloth-things... they made me think of Vincent, and Elham, and Edinburgh, but this time not melancholy. The kettle boils, and I consider the ways a handle can be attached to a bag. More tea...

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Anonymous said...

……To be totally honest with you, when I responded, I contextualized your numbers and theory emotionally and geographically. I replaced your ideas with people, place and institutions like 'the family'. What I wrote was my stream of conciseness and not with a mathematical mind but an artistic one. I dare say I got lost in a sea of possibilities. In other words tripping over myself. Maybe….defeating the purpose of both abstract and constructive thinking?

Considering, your enquiring question 'what kind of sum and what kind of parts?" Was interesting to me. I suppose your use of the word "kind" drove me apart from numbers and into a visual and more kinetic context. Overcomplicating matters!?
I imagine that when your dealing with numbers, you don’t have to deal with emotions so much, therefore not loosing yourself in a quagmire of politics and sensitive notions. Does identity, unique or not, only have clear boundaries based on the combinations of numbers and workings? Similarly within societies there are the dynamics of people and cultures etc. Which is greater, lesser or equal to the sum of its parts. I felt that 'unique identity' is unique for the shortest time. Never the less, still unique at that time, It's a moment that is recognized, absolute and present. A ‘ severed finger’ , number’6’, me, you… In the same way that perfection does not mean something perfectly polished (unless that is the brief) but relative to those who consider it perfect. Is the point with maths that you cannot cloud it with such notions where one word is loaded with meaning, therefore diverting you in all sorts of directions?(clearly shown in my poor writings). Is it a clean way (eventually) of understanding the mechanics of stuff and things, where there are only so many answers? If so, I wish I were in your world. Is acceptance ever an issue? Do you ever find yourself having to accept, ‘that’s just the way it is’? I imagine there is always the continual search for answers, but then some places, like dancing, it’s the most pleasurable way of continually evolving, probably because of shape and movement through music and us. x