20 May 2011

Moving and raining

A long week of late working late nights, and tonight I'm scraping the little dregs of soul that eeked out there life, pulling them out of this flat. Packing boxes. Boxes boxes, moving offices and moving home. And contemplating where and why people get angry - why do I get angry sometimes? Where does the sense of struggle come from?

Then remembering the delight of the tumbling drumming rain last night... pictures from the corner by my new flat, where I watched the rain pondered buying an umbrella.

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lucy said...

At it's best, and perhaps its base, I think anger is the way we signal to ourselves that something isn't right for us, that we need to assert a boundary or a 'No', and it simultaneously gives us the adrenalin we need to act on this. Sadly it's rarely so refined, more often distorted and aimed at something other than it's real object, blown into excess, or pushed down inside. Remember Moomin!

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