16 March 2011

time, time traveling, and psychic puppies on a window-sill

I got home early today, left the office at 17:30, that felt pretty good. But I also had too much coffee, on and off, over the day, leaving me kind of drained and hyper. Now I'm fighting back against the encroaching sea of emails and also tackling a few outstanding electronic chores.

Repeatedly failing to do any exercise is frustrating me a bit. I need to find a way to get to Aikido, I was planning to go at 6am, to the early class, but it's too early for me, if I stay up until 2am as I tend to, then it destroys me. Work typically wraps its ugly arms around me in the early evenings, at the end of which, Aikido is finished; and during the day, I get caught up by... well... mostly debugging shitty c++ programs and dreaming of writing in ML again... Perhaps I can schedule Aikido into my diary and go at lunch-time... new plan!

Yesterday I finished reading the Time Traveler's Wife, a story of beautiful human nature; almost too romanticly-sweet for me, leaves you feeling good as you read it, somehow inspired by the characters, but also a little unreal in the way fate falls out in front of them; I think the sensation of your own fate, looking into your past, can be comforting and intriguing, but when a fateful sensation lurks in your  future, then a delusion is afoot, possibly a dangerous one, I ponder.

Today's observations of New Yorkers: there is an oddly large number of shops selling collections of  rat-shaped hairless tiny dogs. Outside, groups of women gape at the creatures. The dogs look a bit bored to me, but they occasionally pull-off a cute-trick, bite each other, and I imagine, poo on their sterile window-sill once in a while, surely. So, I wonder: what is the link between 24-hour psychic advisers on every street corner, and the puppy shop on every street? Is this some demonic mechanism that traps people's souls in puppies and makes the dogs hair fall off? Or are the psychics pulling a ruse, pretending to talk to the dead, when in fact they communicate with rat-shaped dogs via string and yogurt-cups? the mystery...


Adrianna said...

You mock the rat-dogs now, but sooner or later you will get used to how they look and then maybe even start liking them. You will probably meet someone cool at some point who happens to have one of those dogs and that will be enough to convince you that they are actually not that bad. Eventually you will get one of your own, in a half-ironic way at first, but you will learn to love it.

How's that for fate?

A said...

I concur. The Russian women all love their tiny dogs, that I can't believe actually survive the winter. In Paris many men have tiny dogs. If you came here Lucas you'd have the chance of owning one also without shame. One of the many perks of moving here!

iislucas said...

And which are the rat-dogs? the watchers or watched? ;-)

But I don't mean to mock... I truly don't mind the dogs actually, they are cute, but their existence makes me sad.

straight from the den said...

had a good chuckle about the rat dogs and the watchers :)