25 February 2011

Man and parrot outside Murray's Bagels
I'm moody today; woke up on the wrong side of bed, on the wrong side of afternoon; struggled to make my way out, anywhere, to just do something. Doing something ended up being getting a bagel, watching a man and his parrot, then a coffee at Grumpy's; which is how I felt before the coffee - it was a good coffee. Going for cocktail and book reading in a bit, or perhaps to see True Grit. The big city blues today are finally wearing off today, as the evening arrives; and as I watch the lights of seemingly infinite cabs make the ant-like way down 6th avenue towards me.


Mathieu said...


Even if your new flat looks a little cold, no doubt the arrival of your stuff should warm it up.

I have been looking at your photos and it is true the massiveness of New York buildings seem a little daunting.

And I must say that I am suprised you bumped into an other parrot on somebodies shoulder – isn't that the second one? In all my travels I haven't even seen one…

Has work started yet?

All my love,


iislucas said...

hi bro! I'm starting work on monday; and yes - that's the second parrot on persons shoulder that I've seen! The other one is in on an early post in this blog.

I'm Feeling more alive today, got up early, went to Aikido, bought a hat, and had Ramen Noodles. Also found a bar called 'Simone', where they served me an enormous measure of whiskey!